Commodity VarietyOrganic Specialty Robusta TUTUR COFFEE Green Beans
BrandTutur Coffee
Price per Kg$5.00 - $6.50
Minimum order10 kg
Cultivation TypeOrganic
DecriptionPremium Robusta! Flavour: hint of spices, caramelly, excellent, cereally sweet corn, rice beans. Fine texture. Process: natural. Acidity: Low. Lead time: 1 - 6 weeks. Like some few other specialty coffee in Indonesia, our organic Robusta coffee soon became highly recognised by coffee enthusiasts across the world, mainly because of its quality and fine taste. And also thanks to the consideration of the farmer group towards their farmers’ ability and knowledge of coffee cultivation throughout the process until post harvest, our coffee stands out as one of the best from Indonesia! Coffee has been a significant part of our village’s culture, passed through generations. Our village is now known as one of the admired coffee-ecotourism destinations in Indonesia. We’re gladly to pass on the knowledge and local wisdom in organic coffee cultivation to any visitors visiting our village. Our organic Robusta coffee is so special, we grown and processed it with love and respect towards Mother Nature, who has been so generous to us and our fathers and mothers before us. It is with joy to be able to share our organic coffee with you, and let you enjoy the finest taste from our motherland.
Place of OriginEast Java
Supply Ability15000 Kg/Month
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