Commodity VarietyOrganic Specialty Robusta LEGO Green Beans
BrandKopi Lego
Price per Kg$4.00 - $6.00
Minimum order10 kg
Cultivation TypeOrganic
DecriptionTry out our very special Konunga coffee, a type of Robusta coffee, which has a delicious sweet aroma and flavour. Flavour: caramelly, chocolaty, spicy. Aroma: fruity and flowerly. Process: natural. Moisture: 12%. Acidity: low. Screen size: 15-19. Lead time: 1- 6 weeks. The word LEGO derived from the word "legowo" in Javanese dialect that means "wholehearted, sincerity". LEGO really portrays our earnest and devotion in coffee cultivation, to bring the finest LEGO to you. With plantation chosen based on its soil, temperature, and water quality, our village--located in the middle of Ijen and Raung mountains in East Java, has the perfect climate to plant coffee. Every home in our village has a growing coffee plant on their yard, with coffee plantation as a precious tradition inherited from our great grandparents. So without a doubt, coffee has become a cultural heritage for our community. Every year, we held an event called Festival Sangrai Kopi (Coffee Roasting Festival), it’s a famous event that attracts many coffee enthusiasts to come and share knowledge and experience on coffee roasting. As a result for our passion in coffee cultivation, our village became a travelling destination for tourist across the world. They can experience the coffee plantation atmosphere, while enjoying the traditional music played, and also taking a look at how coffee is processed to become the drink people enjoy nowadays.
Place of OriginEast Java
Supply Ability10000 Kg/Month
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