Commodity VarietyOrganic Specialty ROMA (Robusta Amandanom) Green Beans
BrandPrima Rasa
Price per Kg$4.00 - $6.00
Minimum order10 kg
Cultivation TypeOrganic
DecriptionEU organic certified, specialty robusta coffee (score: 82.125). Very special! Defect: 0.4%. Process: sun-dried. Our robusta coffee has been laboratory tested. Acidity: Low. Flavor: dried fruit, liberoid, caramelly, acidty. Aroma: woody. Lead time: 1 -6 weeks. This robusta coffee comes from East Java--at an altitude of 300-800 meters above the sea level, Robusta Amadanom (Roma) coffee is produced by the farmer group and became a pride and favorite for the people of Malang. The beauty of the village where the plantation is, is no more popular than the coffee it produces, therefore originating Kampung Kopi (Coffee Village) which offers ecotourism activities such as learning to plant coffee, harvesting coffee bean, to concocting the visitor’s own coffee drinks. They are very active by involving in organizing the annual Malang Coffee Festival, which attracts many coffee lovers throughout the globe. Often ranks within premium category, Roma coffee is gaining more popularity among robusta coffee enthusiasts for its uniqueness due to the acidity and a caramelly taste to it.
Place of OriginEast Java
Supply Ability20000 Kg/Month
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