Commodity VarietyOrganic Arabica Java Green Mountain Arjuna Green Beans
Brand Kopi Arabica Lereng Arjuna
Price per Kg$7.80 - $9.00
Minimum order10 kg
Cultivation TypeOrganic
Decription One of the best in Indonesia! Our coffee is chosen by the Konferensi Kopi Seluruh Indonesia (Indonesian Coffee Conference) 2017 as one of the 16 best Indonesia coffees, and also became the primadonna at the World Plantation Conferences and Exhibition (WPCE) 2017 for local and international visitors. Grown in the clean air at a conservation slope of Mount Arjuno, this organic arabica coffee is planted at the altitude of 1000-1400 meters above the sea level. Differ from others, our coffee has a distinct savory, delicious and unique taste that you will definitely enjoy. Export ready in large capacity. EU organic certified. We provide green beans, roasted beans, and ground coffee.
Place of OriginPrigen, Jawa Timur
Supply Ability50000 Kg/Month
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