Commodity VarietyOrganic Specialty Robusta JAVA PANDAN Green Beans
BrandMawar Semeru
Price per Kg$5.50 - $6.50
Minimum order10 kg
Cultivation TypeOrganic
DecriptionPremium! Award winning Robusta coffee. Cupping score: 84.5. Flavour: caramelly, fruity (salak/snakefruit). Aroma: fragrant pandan. Maturity: mature. Process: sun dried. Moisture: 12%. Acidity: medium. Our farmer group won the first prize for best Robusta coffee at the Semeru Coffee Festival, one of the most celebrated coffee festivals in Indonesia. You can sense the strong charming aroma of pandan that will give you a warm summery aromatic experience. Enjoy the distinctive fine flavor with the taste of snake fruit or salak, a native fruit to Indonesia and can only be found in Southeast Asia. Planted in the clean air and beautiful nature of the great mount Semeru plateau , our JAVA PANDAN grows in the nutrient-rich volcanic soil that makes our coffee rich in flavor and aroma as well. Our JAVA PANDAN is one of the best Robusta coffee ever produced in Indonesia! We want to share this gift from Mother Nature with you.
Place of OriginEast Java
Supply Ability10000 Kg/Month
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